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Our Consultants

"I have used similar platforms in order to find jobs before, but SourceChain is by far the easiest to navigate.

Everything is pretty much self-explanatory - it took so much stress out of the job search. I’ll definitely be using it again in the future."

MARA, Java

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Our Consultants

"Throughout my experience with SourceChain, I was really impressed at how quickly everything progressed.

My profile was reviewed and approved not long after I submitted it - I was able to start speaking with consultancies the same day I signed up. All the roles I was matched with were highly-relevant, so I didn’t have to waste time on things I wasn’t interested in."

ROMY, Salesforce

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Our Consultants

"SourceChain made it so easy to conduct a job search on my own terms. Using their platform, I was able to engage with exactly the kind of roles and companies I was looking for, and speak directly to potential employers.

I wish every job search was as straightforward as this!"

CARLA, Technical Consultant

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